Each soul is a beautiful flower than passes from this earth only to bloom anew in Heaven's garden

About Us

Our History

It all began simply with a personal experience. 

Jack Frediani (fondly known to many as Poppa), was assisting a friend who owned a local funeral home in Alameda, CA, while he was away at the National Funeral Directors convention.  An unfortunate malfunction in the cremation box at  the time put Poppa's creativity to work to "Build a Better Box"!  Something we proudly continue to offer to  this day, and in doing so honor Poppa for his creativity and generous spirit.

Our Products

Cremation Tray (Top/Bottom)  

Product # CT-2      

Side hand holes for ease of movement,
double-wall  500 lb. test, leak resistant corrugated base. 5.5" Brown corrugated printed hood. Also available in children sizes


Deluxe Cremation Tray 

Product # DCT CT 

Wood based cremation tray. Available in 1" x 2" or 4"x 1" pine frame, 12" deep hood and securing straps, plywood or OSB base. Available in adult, oversized and child sizes. Also available with handles

Air Transport/ Container Tray 

Product # AT 

1"x4" pine frame with plywood or OSB board base. Six soft strap handles
securing straps with removable buckles.
Casket bag and shipping labels provided.  Metal protective corners, securely screwed. Available in 1x6 pine frame.

Combo/Air Transport Tray 

Product # Combo
Leak Resistant Inner Tray, 1"x 4" pine frame with 3/8" plywood base, six sturdy strap handles, 2 interior securing straps, foam mattress, body shroud interior corrugated liner and top.  Pop-up exterior hood with shipping label.
Knocks down to 4" for easy storage and shipping. Metal protective corners

Tray Rollers

Product # Rollers

Sturdy high quality cardboard cremation rollers, special recycled inner core designed to increase strength and provide complete roller disintegration.  Extra length of 18" and diameter of 2 1/2" provides easy loading of any cremator. An inexpensive way to extend the life of your refractory hearth.  75 per box


Product # Liners

White opaque bags, 2 mil weight.  45 bags on a roll.

Our Mission

Our Mission at Cremation Products Inc., is simple; to provide exceptional and economical cremation products with the reliable service our loyal customers have become accustomed to receiving and to which the "Frediani" name has been known for since 1974.


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